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Wondering About Winter?

"Ice-laden lines create a beautiful symmetry near a home." Photo: Farmers RECC

Farmers RECC Lights Up Christmas


Each year, Farmers RECC sponsors the “Lighting Up Christmas” program for a school in their service territory. The program, coordinated by the Events Team at Farmers RECC, gathers unwrapped toys and monetary donations for a school in their service territory to use for students in need.

Farmers RECC Sends Crews to Aid in Hurricane Michael Restoration

Farmers RECC has dispatched six linemen and essential equipment to assist cooperatives in Georgia with power restoration caused by Hurricane Michael.


Farmers RECC Sponsors Local Veterans for Honor Flight

Bobby Bradley of Cave City and Tom Smith of Munfordville are among the war veterans traveling from Lexington to Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Sept. 22, as part of this year’s Honor Flight.

Farmers RECC Sends Crews to Assist in Hurricane Florence Power Restoration

Farmers RECC has dispatched six linemen and essential equipment to assist cooperatives in South Carolina with power restoration caused by Hurricane Florence.


Farmers RECC Annual Meeting Recap

Farmers RECC held their Annual Meeting on July 12, 2018 at the Cave City Convention Center with Nashville group ‘Martin Family Circus’ providing entertainment while members registered.

Farmers RECC Members Benefit from Cooperative Ownership

Members who receive service from Farmers RECC are member-owners of the Cooperative. What makes an individual or business receiving service from Farmers RECC a ‘member-owner’ instead of a ‘customer?’ The answer is simple.

When you signed up to receive electric service from Farmers RECC, you became a member-owner of a non-profit cooperative.  A cooperative is owned by those it serves.  Unlike for-profit businesses, a cooperative’s primary focus is on providing a needed service for its member-owners and not on generating a profit for shareholders.

Farmers RECC Announces 2018 Washington Youth Tour Recipients

Farmers RECC has announced the winners of the 2018 Frankfort and Washington Youth Tour.

This is the 57th annual “Government in Action” Youth Tour. Winners will travel to Frankfort, Kentucky to visit the state capitol in April and will travel to Washington, D.C. for the annual “Government in Action,” Youth Tour in June.

Cold Snap Triggers Spike in Local Energy Use

The unusually cold start to 2018 has resulted in higher than normal energy use by members of Farmers RECC and other utilities across the region.

Farmers RECC is encouraging members to be aware of their energy use and take steps to help manage electric bills, which are also expected to be higher than usual as a result of increased usage.

To keep an eye on daily energy use, Farmers RECC offers the ‘Your Meter’ tool, which can be accessed through the ‘Member Center’ of our website. Members can use the graph to show daily recorded low temperatures.


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