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Button Up

The Button-Up Program, sponsored by Farmers RECC is a program designed to help control your energy usage. A cooperative representative or contractor will be required to conduct a ‘pre’ and ‘post’ blower door test to verify reductions in usage due to the addition of insulation. The credit will be calculated based on the blower door test. For every 1,000 btu’s reduced, the member will receive a $40 rebate up to $750. With additional insulation and btu's reduced, Farmers RECC will rebate the member up to $1,370. Each home must have a pre- and post-blower door inspection. Each home must meet minimum requirements as determined by Farmers RECC.  
If you are interested in the Button Up program, please call (270) 651-2191 or (800) 253-2191.


Button Up Air Sealing Program Tariff

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